2019 Sunglass Trends on a Budget

I am so excited that it’s Spring! I can finally put away all the winter clothes and focus on fun trends for Spring and Summer. Nothing brings in the new season more that being able to wear fun sunglasses. For this blog, I will be sharing fun sunglass trends on a budget, courtesy of Target. I also picked out some outfits that could work well with these Sunglasses.

Monochromatic: The lens and frames are around the same or exact color

Below are the products featured above

Unique Frame Shape: Sunglass shapes are no longer standard, but you can really play around with it, like these square ones. It can also be a unique frame pattern as well.

Unfortunately the top and jeans are no longer available at J.Crew Factory Online. However, you can always check your local retail store. Below are the sunglasses.

Red Frames: I really love this trend. I own a pair of red eyeglass frames and I always thought they are a lot of fun. I like getting them in a classic wayfarer style

These specific sunglasses are no longer online. However, they might be available in your local Target

Updated Aviator: This is a funkier twist to the standard aviator, whether it be shape or color.

Round and Mirrored: Not that you have to get round sunglass frames if you want mirrored, but both is kind of fun

I got this pair at the actual store and couldn’t find it online, unfortunately. The jumpsuit, however, is below:

Below are some other choices of sunglasses from Target that follow these trends:


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