5 Fall Purse Trends on a Budget

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford designer purses. Yet, as I looked through some of this season’s fall trends, at times I really wish I could afford them. Well, I thought I would give people a hand by giving you some more affordable options for some fun fall purse trends.

The Crock Purses: The real crock skin is quite expensive, plus it makes me feel a little uneasy since I’m not sure how people ethically get crock skin. So for a more affordable option, I introduce the Frock Skin (or fake crock skin). This half moon shape is also very current for the season.

The Fuzzy Purse: Who knew that purses could be so comfy? Maybe they can double as a pillow. I actually really think that this trend is so fun! I love the variation currently on the runway right now. Anything from animal prints, to bright colors, to patterns. It is just something really different.

Structured Handles: This is probably one of my absolute favorites. I can’t necessarily speak to the practicality of this trend, but I love that handles can be decorative and interesting.

The Oversized Tote: I actually had a hard time trying to find a truly oversized tote that you see on runway. When they say “oversized”, they really mean it. I did find something that is slightly more manageable, but I think accomplishes the same idea.

Chain Handles: Oh how I adore chain handles. It’s like your purse is an added piece of jewelry. I feel like out of all the purse trends, this is the one that is easiest to truly incorporate in your everyday wardrobe.

Below are the items photographed here and are available for purchase


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