Brown and Black: A Great Combo for Winter

When I was younger, I used to have an aversion to wearing the Brown and Black combo. I’m not exactly sure why.. maybe in my younger days it was all about Color Blocking and Bright Hues. I think as I’ve gotten into my 40s, I have a greater appreciation for Neutrals and a more timeless look. The combination of brown and black allows you to have those capsule pieces that you can mix and match quite frequently. Here are some ways on how to pull off this combo:

Throw on a bold print: Find one of those one of a kind pseudo eclectic type prints. The bolder the better. Show off a little of your personality. That’s a good way to give neutrals a bit of pizzaz!

Accessorize: Adding a few bold accessory choices will give your outfit a sense of intentionality. One thing about this color combo is it is a bit like a canvas and can be very versatile. You can go understated or statement with your accessory choices. You can’t really go wrong.

Keep it fun: I love to wear hats during the cold months. Hats can infuse a sense of uniqueness and fun to your outfit. It allows you to really play around with styles, while keeping the colors neutral. You can wear anything from wide brim, to fedora, to newsboy. Whatever your pleasure, its all about your mood.

Infuse Animal Prints: One of my favorite brown black combinations are animal prints. It brings a level of fun, sophistication, and boldness to your outfits. It is also very timeless and classic so they will be pieces that you’ll keep for quite a long time.

These are just helpful tips so that you will consider investing in more timeless pieces that will be with you for quite a while. As I’ve mentioned before, being in my 40s has shifted my way of thinking about fashion. It is more about quality and wearability, while still being able to have fun and expressive.


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