Casual Date Night Outfit

I usually like to put a little thought into casual date night. But, I don’t want to make it seem like I worked too hard. A good way to look put together and also have a summer casual vibe is to keep it classic

These faux suede shorts are perfect for casual date night. The material really looks like suede so it elevates the standard shorts.

I just paired the shorts with a classic white button up shirt. A good way to punch up a classics is a bold necklace like this turquoise long pendant. Another way is by wearing a bolder lip color. Make-up is s good way of giving a classic outfit more personality.

I also think gold accents are great with neutrals. There are gold accents to this coach bag, the pendant, and my earrings. Gold accents give a sense of luxury.

Lastly, close toe shoes can have a more put together look than sandals. But these espadrille wedges just give you the perfect amount of casual as well.

These are just some ways that you can put together a casual date night outfit.


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