Corporate Style with Animal Prints

I am obsessed with animal prints! I think they make every work outfit that much more interesting. So this week, it was all about the Animal Print. The question is, would you ever wear it for work? I think yes, as long as you understand his it fits with your corporate dress code.

Animal prints come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. As far as color is concerned, I like to keep it natural for work. I try not to go purple or red or something bold. I stick with the classic neutral. You want the print to blend.

The nice thing about wearing animal prints to work is its versatility. You can wear it as a dress, cami, with flats, with heals, and every combination in between. I do try to keep the other parts of my outfit a solid neutral to keep it more corporate friendly. I even threw on some glasses as an accessory. Actually, I have bad eyesight so they’re functional.

You can have a larger, bolder choice of animal print but still maintaining its neutral vibe. I put this long vest on a second time. It’s perfect for keeping the dress print from being so overpowering.

Lastly, for casual Friday, I just let the jacket take center stage. The straight jeans and the classic v-neck tee go very well with the bold print of a long jacket. It gives it an easier everyday quality.

That’s it for my animal print outfits this week. Do you think you’ll try it out for work too?


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