Featuring J.Crew Factory Jewelry (along with outfit ideas)

J. Crew Factory is a great place to get jewelry. I believe that they always have some great sales going on, which is why I like going there. You can just get some great finds, and the styles are pretty varied from statement to something more everyday.

A lot of people ask if there are rules to the type of outfits you wear with certain jewelry. I don’t necessarily ascribe to outfit “rules”. In my opinion, just do whatever makes you feel good. However, I do like to give suggestions, just in case that it’s helpful.

I like to wear something more classic with statement jewelry. Pastels are everywhere this spring, so I thought I would stick with that color scheme. Wearing a blazer can also tone down a statement necklace

When you’re working with bold earrings, I like to show them off, but keep the rest of your outfit pretty casual. I like the contrast of simple and bold. I also like the earrings to pop so I keep the rest of my outfit pretty neutral, like this black and white tee.

I like to show off long drop earrings as well. But having a necklace that compliments it completes the look. With simple jewelry, I like to wear dresses or just something dressier because it rounds out the look really well. It draws your focus to the whole outfit instead of just your accessories.

It’s okay to keep everything simple. These earrings are so fun! They come around the back and the shape is just cool. If you’re running errands and just want to put something on, these are perfect. Simple, but interesting

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I like to mix statement jewelry with something casual. I am wearing a simple chambray shirt, but the statement earrings makes the casual outfit more put together.

If you would like to try out these pieces, you can shop for them below:


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