How to Window Shop without Going Broke

I just recently went to Montreal for a couple of days and decided to do some window shopping. For some fun shopping in downtown Montreal, St. Catherine St. is the place to be. I live in Ohio and I love window shopping in Big Cities. They have all sorts of stores that we just don’t have. Plus Montreal tends to have a more European aesthetic so I think that retail stores keep that in mind. For instance, we have an H&M in Ohio, but I noticed that the merchandising is slightly different.

Here are some highlights from that Montreal window shopping extravaganza

Window shopping can be a bit treacherous. At times, when you’re not planning to shop is when you spend the most money. Therefore, I wanted to give you some tips on how to go window shopping without going broke.

Decide on a budget: Don’t go out the door without having a pre-determined budget. When you don’t set a budget, you tend to overspend. Make sure that this budget is reasonable based on your allowed shopping budget for the month.

Only buy what you need: Make a list in your head of what you truly need. The day I went window shopping, I didn’t really need anything so I didn’t buy anything. I just like looking at the new merchandise. But, since I had no needs, then there’s no money spent.

Don’t deviate from your plan: Stick to your plan and don’t get distracted. Be self-disciplined and don’t be easily swayed. Learn how to say no and move on.

Window shopping can be a lot of fun. I love fashion and there’s nothing wrong with shopping. I believe that if you think about the tips above, you can have a lot of fun without going broke and buying a lot of random stuff.


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