J. Crew Try-On

I decided to pop into J.Crew to try on a few fun things for Spring/Summer. These are a few of the trends I noticed from scoping out the Retail store. Yes, I still like going to the store. I like to shop around and take my time. I like to see how they’ve paired things or accessorized the outfits. I just like retail stores in general.

Peasant Tops: J-Crew, in my opinion, has always been very good at the details. I love their choice of embroidery and shapes. The only drawback about J.Crew for me is the sizing. I am fairly petite and and I don’t have a lot of curves. So, J.Crew tops tend to look boxy on me. However, their tops are beautiful! The attention to detail is fantastic!

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Button Fly High Waisted Jeans: I personally don’t look so hot in this trend. Maybe it’s just a mental block, I’m not sure. I just don’t fee particularly sexy in them. However, if there is a place where I would get them, J. Crew would be it. Their fit is just really good for someone that is not super curvy. Also, they have a lot of cropped straight styles, which is great for someone who is 5’4″ inches like me. The ones that I tried are on are below. It is a straight crop and a boot crop. Click below to shop for these items

Classic Tops with a Twist: Something that J.Crew is particularly good with is using classic silhouettes and giving it a bit of a twist. For instance, classic button up shirts, eyelets, and pop-overs. They usually get use fun prints to give it a little more interest.

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I have been a shopper at J.Crew since I was in college, which was 25 years ago. They are great at adapting to current trends while still maintaining their signature look and brand. Still a big fan after all this time.


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