Le Tote Box 2

For my next Le Tote selection, I decided to go a little edgier. One thing that I love about Le Tote is that they have so much variety. I don’t own a leather skirt, so it’s a good way for me to try it out to see if I like it. 

Shoes aren’t a part of what they rent currently, so I paired it with ankle booties that I already have. I really love this camouflage jacket, because it has very classic silhouette. It is slightly oversized, which gives the short skirt an edgier vibe.

 I have been slightly obsessed with anything graphic lately. This graphic sweater is simple, and it is also thin enough that it doesn’t look bulky or billowy when you tuck it in. 

I also like to keep my jewelry fairly simple. This necklace is a string of dainty stars. 

Items that I choose from Le Tote are normally not something I usually wear. It is also not something I normally own. It is so fun to be able to rent and play around with different styles. Not to mention, you’re not accumulating stuff that you don’t want, which helps the environment as well.


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