Mix and Match: Black, White, and Red

For this blog post, I wanted to share ways that you can infuse red into your daily outfit. I am sticking with the color scheme red, black and white. I did this because it is classic and it is likely that you have these colors in your wardrobe already. These outfit ideas range from the very casual, to the semi-casual, and to the dressy. 


This outfit is perfect if you’re goal is to simply run around and do some errands, or even go on a very casual date.

If you want something slightly more sophisticated casual, then this outfit can accomplish that desire. This could be appropriate for a little less casual date, or even a casual work day outfit. I love winter white, but the infusion of red in the blazer gives it a nice POP!

Wear to Work: Semi-Casual

​If you’re workplace is slightly more conservative, or if you like something a little more “classic”, then I think this outfit would work well for you. The red color is infused with your shoes. The houndstooth blazer is a double breasted cut so it comes across more “business”. The flats also give the outfit a more wear to work vibe.

If you want to keep the classic vibe but slightly more sophisticated, then use a white jacket instead of the houndstooth. Also, instead of flats, wear red heels. Once again, red is not the main color, but the pop of red in the shoes gives the outfit a bit of sass.

Wear to Work

I come from a more conservative profession. I am a CPA. When I used to work corporate, we had a certain “dress code” that we had to follow. That being said, I think you can still infuse a bit of red into a more traditional setting. If this resonates with your lifestyle, I think using a red skirt is something that you can try.  

This is a way that you can transition that same outfit into night time. I just switched out the blazer for a white long line blazer. Instead of flats, I’m wearing white pumps. This outfit is perfect for that sit down dinner at a nice steak house. 

Night Time Date

These are a couple of ways to use a lot of the same pieces featured above, but just adding a pair of ankle velvet pants. The velvet comes across more luxe, which is perfect for going out on that special date.


I opted for a winter white dress for a semi-formal look. I love that plunging neckline with the lace on the sleeves. I love the length, which is just below the knee. Then give it a pop of red with your shoes. You can also wear this with the white blazer. But, if you want more red, just wear the red blazer and white shoes. 

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