Shades of Pink for Night Time Make-Up

A lot of people tend to use pinkish hues during the day time. I think that they are perfect for going out at night time as well. It can definitely be applied in a more smoky way, without being too overwhelming. Here are some tips on how you can use pink shades for going out. A quick note, these products are cruelty-free so I particularly love using these products and have used them for a very long time. 


For the foundation, I like to do a bit of highlighting, contouring, and full coverage. I use a Natural Beige concealer by Too Faced around my eyes and my upper cheek, Chestnut contouring concealer by Too Faced an my cheek line, and Tarte Full Coverage Foundation to blend it all together. This will allow for your other makeup to adhere better so that you don’t use as much product. 

For my cheeks, I like to do a brighter pink hue. However, make sure that you don’t use a lot and that you blend it well. For my blush, I used Morphe in Drama. I also like to have a little bit of a glow, so I used Morphe in Beam

The trick to getting a smokier feel with pink hues are to build on the colors. For instance, don’t just pack on your color onto the brush. Use a nice blending eye brush, apply a little bit of color onto the brush, and continue to re-apply. Also, use a highlighter for the inner corners. This allows for the deeper colors to pop. Also use the color for your outer corner for under your eye. I used Morphe in 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry

I recently have been a bit obsessed with doing cat eye liner. The hardest part about doing this is getting a straight edge line. I use Stila eyeliner because it is quite precise which makes it easy to free hand the cate eye straight edge. For night time, make it slightly thicker. For the bottom liner, I use something that can be blended. I like to use Bare Minerals for that purpose. It has a smudge attached. I also like to use black to create a contrast with the pink hues. Also use a volumizing mascara. I’ve found that Urban Decay is a really great product for mascara. Don’t forget to fill in your eye brows. I like to keep mine pretty natural so I use a fine pencil to achieve a more natural look. I use a Bare Minerals Brow Master Sculpting Pencil in Coffee

Lastly, for the lip color, use a nude lip with a pinkish tint. Also a more satin finish is best to create brilliance. This is a similar product to the original Buxom lip I’m using. I’ve had that for a while, but this comes close. 

I hope you’ll play around with using pink for going out. It is certainly quite fun and slightly different from your average smokey eye. 


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