Spring Flower Power

Have you ever considered mixing floral prints for Spring? A lot of people tend to be afraid to mix prints. This is a way to do mixed prints for everyday and not necessarily for a bold statement .I hope that this blog post will help you make the plunge into mixed prints. Here are some simple tips that you can follow:

Combine Larger Bold Prints with Smaller Prints: I paired a jacket with a bolder floral print with pants that have a finer print

Use Contrasting Colors with a Solid Base: For instance, a white floral jacket and a dark floral pant creates some contrast. However, I used a dark blue shirt and shoes to pull all the elements together

Use Dainty Jewelry: If you want to achieve a more everyday mixed print look, consider dainty jewelry. It helps create the illusion that you didn’t take too much time or think too hard to create a mixed print look

Product suggestions: Below are some products that you can try to achieve this look. The pants and the jewelry are still available.


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