Target Wear to Work Outfit Ideas

I love Target for great bargain options. I also think that it is a great place to purchase classic styles with a pop of trendy. So I went to my local Target to try one some versatile wear to work pieces. The video below gives you more detail about the fit and style. 

Below are some ideas on how to mx and match pieces to create a versatile wear to work wardrobe

Mixing bold prints are appropriate for a more creative environment

Olive is a great neutral color. Sticking with one bold statement is a good way to give a classic aesthetic a little sass.

Mixing neutrals and smaller patterns is a great way to add more interest to a more conservative silhouette

White denim is perfect for those casual jean days at work. Add a little color and a unique cut, like peplum, to elevate your look

Animal print dresses are easy to wear and make a bold statement. Add a classic tuxedo jacket to complete your look

Below are the product details and prices. Each piece is quite affordable, and you can build a great wardrobe at a reasonable cost


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