The Art of Color Blocking

I love the color block trend. It is so much fun and a great way to infuse a lot of color into your daily wardrobe. Color, I believe, is a means of expressing individuality and mood. What better way to express yourself in a corporate work setting? Whenever you’re faced with a dress code, infusing color can bring life to very classic silhouettes.

Color Block Tips

Think about colors on a color wheel: For instance, matching primary colors like red, and secondary colors like violet, create a great contrast but still go very well together.

Ground your outfit with a neutral color: I love blazers. If you’re already wearing separates that have a lot of color, pairing it with a neutral blazer can round it out.

Keep the Silhouette Classic: I think by doing this, you can focus the attention on the outfit as a whole. If the silhouette is too busy, for instance a lot of frills and ruffles, it takes away from the beauty of the color.

Play around with Accessories: Since you have a lot of neutral elements, introducing some color to your accessories is also a great idea. For instance, wearing a statement necklace can actually draw attention to the color scheme as a whole.


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