Tips on how to style a Camel Coatigan

The weather has been incredibly mild lately and it’s perfect weather for a coatigan. What is a “coatigan” you might ask? Essentially, it’s a long cardigan that has a slightly thicker weight. For these 60 degree weather days, it provides ample warmth and is extremely comfortable.

To those that have been following me, I like to keep things classic. A coatigan is one of those items where classic is good, because it provides a good base to ground your outfit. From there, you can mix in some creativity and personality.

Here are some tips on how to style a coatigan:


Sweater dresses are a great way to add a little sense of style for everyday casual.

The added bonus is that they’re comfortable as well. I’ve chosen a dress with bold yet somewhat neutral stripes.I paired it with these fun wedge heeled sneakers to give a little more of my personality


My version of edgy is classic with a twist. That is just my aesthetic. Whenever I think of edgy, I think of leather. So I thought some leather leggings with some patent leather boots would be a great combination. I still try to keep it a little simple by wearing all black and a turtleneck. My jewelry choices are a little bold but not too much out of the box.

Wear to Work

I love classic silhouettes in dresses. I also love simple details like ruffles or piping. The most important thing to me for wear to work is fit and comfortability. This sweater dress has all of those things.

Infusing some animal print is a great way to add interest to an otherwise very classic work outfit. I tend to wear these type of outfits to work because I have a very traditional corporate job and culture. However, animal print is a good way to keep it interesting

These are just some quick and easy ways that you could wear a coatigan. They’re very versatile, comfortable, and wearable. As you can see, you can dress it up and down with ease.

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