Wear to Work Florals

More often than not, people think of florals pants or skirts as something too casual for work. Well, I do think that there is a way to wear florals that are work appropriate and acceptable for corporate settings (as long as it doesn’t specifically forbid it on your corporate dress code. Here are some ways that you can accomplish wear to work florals:

Keep everything else simple:

Since my skirt already has so much vibrant color, I can tone it down with basic solid colors like a navy or a beige. I also keep my accessories pretty simple as well so you don’t seem overdone.

Make sure that there’s a good neutral color within the floral print:

Even if there’s a very bold color green in this floral print, there’s an ample amount of black that grounds that print. It is very easy to coordinate bold colors when there’s a noticeable neutral within the print.

Pick a classic silhouette;

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this a bunch of times, but it is true! Silhouette has a lot to do with how an outfit is perceived no matter the print. As long as your silhouette is classic, it can do wonders for maintaining job appropriateness.


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