Winter to Spring Transition: Winter White and Pastel Coats

Spring is finally upon us and I can’t be more excited. However, living in the midwest, the early mornings can still be chilly, warms up a little throughout the day (mid50s), then gets chilly again at night. It’s still a little too cold to wear your trenches and vests. What do you do in this case? I have some ideas that could help you transition from winter to early spring.

Pastel Colored Coats

I own a couple of pastel colored coats. They are considered winter coats, but they are not as thick. These colors are very much on trend for Spring ’19.

The first is a light pink/blush double breasted coat from Top Shop. The length comes to mid thigh, and the weight is perfect for those High 40s to Mid 50s weather. I like the structure of a double breasted coat as well.

The other is a Lavender Wrap Felt Coat From Ann Taylor. What I like about felt coats is that they are just generally softer and cozier. I have worn this coat in 30 degree weather and it is fine. However, if your outfit isn’t thick sweaters and pants, it works perfectly for early Spring

You don’t have to stick with these colors and styles, but generally any pastels would work well

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Winter Whites

White sweaters and white denim is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe. I like different cuts of denim. I wear different cuts depending on my outfits. So, you can choose whatever cut of white denim that you like. However, owning at least one pair of white denim can go a long way throughout the winter, spring and summer season. The same goes for sweaters. The one I’m wearing here is slightly sheer and pretty lightweight. However, I do own other white sweaters that are chunkier as well. I also think that white sweaters will go a long way for a 3 season wardrobe. These items can be part of a good capsule wardrobe, so keeping it classic is a good idea.

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Gold Accents

Gold can be a good pop of color in the fall and definitely brightens up your Spring outfit as well. It is a good year round staple.

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